Bacon Tip Calculator V2 almost ready for alpha testing

Post date: Oct 25, 2017 1:24:37 AM

So I decided to learn Unity.

I thought what a great opportunity to rebuild everyone's favorite Bacon Tip Calculator.

Knowing that the Unity framework is way over kill makes the project even more fun for me.

While Unity is great for complex 3D applications, trying to do simple tasks in Unity are not as simple as you would think.

For everybody looking for some technical explanation of what is happening here you go.

I am using this project to establish the following.

    • Port over native android app to Unity 2D project.

    • Establish Unity "Cloud Build" Routes for Android, Windows, Linux, IOS.

    • Establish Unity "Collaborate" repository

    • Publish to Android store

    • Publish to Apple App store

    • Produce Devopps automatic deployment to all stores

    • Publish my discoveries and hurdles.