Tip calculator for any bacon lover and friends of bacon. Have you ever found it too difficult to do simple math after feasting on a mound of bacon with your Friends at your favorite bacon providing restaurant? Well then this is the app for you! I am not done with this app but I should be updating it in a few weeks with new sounds and optimized graphics. This is my first app so be nice please. Bacon is a lifestyle not a choice.

Bacon Tip Calculator V2Public Release Date 11/09/2017

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Pickles is a cat who loves to party all day and night. When you party as hard as pickles you only attends the most epic exclusive parties. You are a major player who loves to throw parties. If your party is ultra mega, Pickles will show up at your party then you can throw shade on all your haters. DJ Pineapple will help you though your journey though this epic adventure.

Summery: start a party, make it epic, get pickles to show up, your a winner player one, throw shade.

Now lets get this party started and try to throw an epic party.

Pickles In The House (Alexa Skill)Public Release Date 02/17/2020

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